Today’s dogs need a moderate supply of energy with less fat and more protein, along with a balanced ratio of meat, carbohydrates and dietary fibre. 

Our foods provide a varied diet with high quality animal proteins from meat and offal. The proportion of purely animal protein in Happy Dog dry food is much higher than in dry foods from most other manufacturers. It represents up to 90% of the total protein content.

With Happy Dog, the balanced meat meal is supplemented with the optimum amount of carbohydrates from potatoes or grain. To this are added dietary fibre, essential vitamins and minerals and our Natural Life Concept – which is made up of natural products (herbs, apples, mussels, linseed, ...) to ensure a long and healthy life.

Dogs are indeed descended from wolves, which we know still primarily eat raw meat. But the dog isn’t a wolf. Wolves run 50 km or more every day. “Walkies” for a dog is rarely more than 7 or 8 kilometres. Wolves are wild animals. Dogs have lived side-by-side with humans for millennia. Their digestions have adapted to the food that they were given to eat by humans. For example, dogs are able to digest and utilise starches and grains, which wolves cannot do.  

So the perfect dog food should contain a high, but not extremely high proportion of meat. 

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