Product Categories
NaturCroq Puppy

For puppies of all breeds from 4 weeks{30/14}. Balance supply of nutrients. High-quality proteins.

NaturCroq Duck & Rice

Complete feed for adult dogs. Duck with poultry, well tolerated rice and whole grain cereals as well as valuable local herbs.

NaturCroq Rind&Reis (Beef & Rice)

For adult dogs with normal requirements {22/9}. High quality proteins. Healthy whole grains. Notritious green herbs.

NaturCroq Lamm&Reis (Lamb & Rice)

For adult dogs with normal requirements{22/9}. Also for sensitive dogs.

NaturCroq Balance

For fully-grow dogs with a normal to slightly increased energy requirment {23/10}. Crpquette mix with planty of variety. With yeast and cottage cheese

NaturCroq Active

For adult dogs with increased energy requirment {24/18}. For agility, sport and play. With valuable vegetable oils. Nutritious proteins.

NaturCroq Senior

For all senior dogs {21/8}. With reduced protein, sodium and phosphorus content. With stable vitamin C.

NaturCroq Hundekuchen

Substantial, hard-baked treat with valuable proteins for regular dental care.

NaturCroq Lamm-Reis-Taler

Substantial, hard-baked treat for regular dental care, even for sensitive dogs.

NaturCroq Pansen-Ecken

Substantial, hard-baked treat with valuable proteins for regular dental care.

NaturCroq Mini Bones Truthahn

Crunchy, hard-baked treat for dogs of all sizes and for regular dental care.

NaturSnack Rind&Dinkel (Beef & Spelt Snack)

Tasty reward. Made from high-quality domestic ingredients.

NaturSnack Mini Truthahn (Turkey Mini Snack)

Extra-small snack. Ideal when you are out and about and for all small bredd gourmets.

NaturSnack Lamm&Reis (Lamb & Rice Snack)

Very easily digestible. Also for sensitive dogs.

Flocken Vollkost (Classic Flakes)

Complete food for especially sensitive dogs. Highly digestible finely ground flakes plus valuable animal protein. Also suitable for use as a mash for feeding to puppies over 4 weeks