• With valuable animal proteins
      (meat & offal)
  • Low protein, sodium and
      phosphorus content
  • Light diet to support kidney function

Sano N (Kidney Diet)

Happy Dog Sano N

In kidney and liver diseases, these organs lose their ability to detox the body naturally. A specially adapted diet can help reduce further damage to health. Sano N has a reduced phosphorus content with an adapted calcium/phosphorus ratio to protect the kidneys (and liver), a lower protein content derived from nutritious raw ingredients and a low sodium content that is perfect for older animals with heart disease.

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1 kg

5,69 €*

7,5 kg

27,99 €*

*recommended retail price for Germany incl. 7% VAT

Feeding Information

maize, rice flour, potato flour, beef fat, poultry fat, greaves, meat meal, beet pulp* (desugared), eggpowder, hydrolised liver, sunflower oil, maltet germs, yeast*, carrots*, alfaalfa flour, rape oil, sodium chloride; *) dried. Metabolisable energy: 1605 KJ/100g; 3840 Kcal/kg
Analytical Constituents
crude protein 12.5%, crude fat 14%, crude fibre 2.5%, crude ash 3%, calcium 0.6%, phosphorus 0.4%, sodium 0.1%, potassium 0.45%, magnesium 0.08%
vitamins/kg: vitamin A 20000 I.E., vitamin D3 1800 I.E., vitamin E 100 mg, vitamin B1 5 mg, vitamin B2 6 mg, vitamin B6 4mg, biotin 500 mcg, pantothenic acid 12 mg, niacin 45 mg, vitamin B12 70 mcg, Trace elements/kg: iron 100 mg, copper 10 mg, zinc 80 mg, manganese 10 mg, iodine 1 mg, selenium 0.15 mg
Feeding Table

Feeding Information

Normal requirements
For overweight dogs
2 kg 40 g 35 g
3,5 kg 65 g 60 g
5 kg 90 g 80 g
7,5 kg 120 g 110 g
10 kg 150 g 135 g
15 kg 200 g 180 g
20 kg 250 g 225 g
25 kg 290 g 260 g
30 kg 330 g 300 g
35 kg 375 g 340 g
40 kg 415 g 375 g
45 kg 450 g 400 g
50 kg 490 g 440 g
60 kg 560 g 500 g
70 kg 630 g 570 g
80 kg 695 g 625 g

Our Expert:

Andrea Göbel

Veterinarian in the Happy Dog Service Center

Expert Advice
From 6-8 years have a blood sample taken annually to check organ function. This may give a timely indication of organ disorders that can be positively influenced by diet.

Our Service:

Our Happy Dog Service Center
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