1.4 million euros already donated!

Since Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Africa and Mini Africa were launched in May 2009, Happy Dog has donated 2% of the retail price of every pack of Africa sold (1 kg and larger) to the SOS Children's Villages in Africa. By early 2019, donations from this great campaign had already exceeded 1.4 million euros.

So thank you very much for your contribution to this very worthwhile cause.

Your donations are currently supporting this project:

With support from Happy Dog, the primary school in Rutana, Burundi, has now been fully upgraded, enabling us to move on to our next project: “Education for a better future in Africa”.

Around 124 million children and young people in Africa are denied an education through poverty and violence. We want to improve this situation by working with SOS Children’s Village. Working closely with educational authorities, schools and community organisations, our aim is to give children free access to a high quality education. A good school education is the only route towards a fulfilling working life for them. When you buy Happy Dog Africa and Mini Africa, you help to finance a number of items:

  • Ongoing costs for education and vocational training
  • Purchase of educational materials
  • Salaries for teachers
  • and much more



Happy Dog uses these donations to support free access to a high quality education in Africa. The aim is to give young people the start they need to have an autonomous life.

You can help as well!

© SOS Children’s Village International / photograph: Mats Hvalsengen

You can support the “Future for Africa” initiative by buying Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Africa.*

  • Only one source of animal protein
  • With gluten-free potatoes
  • Grain-free 

* Happy Dog donates up to 1.30 euro for every pack of Africa sold (1 kg or larger).

The Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (Germany’s Kennel Club and abbreviated to VDH) is the leading representative of the interests of all dog owners in Germany – the number one address for people living with dogs, dog sports and dog breeding. 

At Happy Dog we work closely with the VDH and are committed to regularly supporting campaigns and events organised by the association.

The start of June every year is the Day of the Dog all across Germany. The dog is duly celebrated with hundreds of events by dog associations, veterinary practices and many other organisations.

Every year Happy Dog, as an official partner to the VDH, supports the organisers in their activities with a generous quantity of food samples that can be given out to all participants.

The 2014 Day of the Dog is on 5 June

“Environmental protection is an important goal for our company. We want to be kind to the environment and protect it. This is our commitment to future generations of people and animals”, explains Georg Müller, owner and CEO of Happy Dog. 

It is clear to us what we need to do:

  • Some of the electricity we use is produced by our own photovoltaic systems
  • We participate in the dual system (Green Dot) which allows us to reduce our consumption of CO2, crude oil, etc.
  • Our high-tech production facilities are kind to the environment and save both water and energy
  • All of our box packaging is made from 100% recycled paper
  • Up to 80% of our raw ingredients come from the region. Short transport distances mean less pollution.

As a pioneer in terms of sustainability, we also work on behalf of these projects:

We invest in tree-planting projects: Billion Tree Campaign
Since the start of 2011, we have invested 5 cents for every pack we dispatch in the replanting of woodlands. This has allowed around 2500 trees to be planted every year. A tree absorbs about 10 kilos of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

For more information, visit www.plant-for-the-planet.org.

Zoo Augsburg
Zoo Augsburg

Happy Dog is one of the main sponsors of Augsburg Zoo. We are committed to keeping animals in a species-appropriate manner, which is why we support Augsburg Zoo.

It takes a lot of hard work to ensure that zoo animals are kept under species-appropriate conditions. Optimally-designed enclosures, ability for individual species to express their natural behaviour and species-appropriate feed are just a few examples of the factors that modern zoos have to consider.
And the zoo needs financial support from sponsors to be able to fund these measures.

Happy Dog supports the “Dogs & storks” programme and its follow-up “The Dog & Baby Connection” with the aim of increasing the safety of infants and small children in homes with dogs, and reducing the number of dogs that have to be given away because the family has grown. The support from Happy Dog allows talks to be given free of charge to pregnant women with dogs.

The aims of the programme are:  

  • To increase the safety of newborn infants in homes with dogs.
  • To reduce anxiety and uncertainty in future or new parents by giving them the explanations they need.
  • To reduce the number of dogs that are given away because the family has grown.
  • To help families to lead a harmonious life with both babies and dogs. 

What makes “Dogs & Storks” and the follow-on programme “The Dog & Baby Connection” unique? 

All their contents are based on scientific analysis, behavioural science and modern animal training, and are running successfully with over 130 trainers in America, Australia, Asia and Europe. 

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the two programmes are coordinated by Bina Lunzer, cert.CBST.

You will find further information about these programmes on the websites:

www.familiemithund.info and www.familypaws.com

Happy Dog supports active sporting dogs from many disciplines. Our high quality products have also been used for decades by successful breeders, and thus make a valuable contribution to many placings in the most important competitions and dog shows around the world.

Sled dogs
Sled dogs

Happy Dog supports sled dog teams on a broad basis with equipment and sponsor money, for example. But we also develop special types of food that allow sled dogs to give their absolute best.

Youth team
Youth team

Circle Element middle Dog Sports (Default)For many years now, Happy Dog has promoted committed children and young people who are active in dog sports. They appear in many different disciplines - starting with shelties, retrievers or sheep dogs as partners, and take part in world championships, German championships and many special events.

We feed world champions
We feed world champions

Happy Dog products make a valuable contribution to many of the winners at the world’s largest dog show, the SV-Bundessiegerzuchtschau, at the SV-Bundessiegerprüfung and at other national and international competitions.